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Designed for SME companies

NextOffice Plus is specially designed for SME companies. It consists of a) NextOffice 9.1 Professional Edition, b) Mastering NextOffice, c) Next IntelliForm, and d) Wizard for Conversion web pages between Chinese Traditional & Simplified . Next IntelliForm, is designed specifically for boosting SMEs' productivity and efficiency, models order processing transactions of A/R and A/P with analysis of cashflow information using Spreadsheet instead of database.

In addition to the latest version of NextOffice Professional Edition, NextOffice Plus also consists of the following:

Mastering NextOffice Self Paced Training

"Mastering NextOffice Self Paced Training", 5 Hours long computer based training narrated in Cantonese, PuTongHua, English, introduces the powerful features of NextOffice to help users to acquire the skills of using NextOffice promptly. It was produced with the most advanced Flash production technology, together with our years of extensive support experiences on office-suites to end-users.

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Next IntelliForm

Next IntelliForm is designed for SME companies, allowing SME the ease in administration of invoices and purchase order documents. Next IntelliForm makes use of the familiar word processing and spreadsheet for office workers, to enhance the productivity in handling invoices, A/R and A/PP and in producing analysis reports for cash flow.

Next IntelliForm uses word processing and spreadsheet to process daily transactions such as Invoice, Packing List, Delivery Note, Certificate Of Origin, Shipping Note, Official Receipt...etc. and to produce reports such as Aging Report for A/R and Overdue Report for A/P...etc.

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IntelliForm can quickly produce accurate reports on Accounts Payable for cash flow analysis

Wizard for web pages Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified conversion:

Many websites are multi-lingual in nature and provide different languages for different visitors. In Chinese community, both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese are popular. Preparing websites to support both Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified could be very tedious. To resolve this problem, the newly released NextOffice Plus
Edition has included a function to batch convert web pages between Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified.

WIth this Wizard, you can now batch convert web pages in HTML, PHP, JSP and ASP formats to Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified in different encodings such as Big5, GB and UTF-8.

To activate the Conversion Wizard, simply select menu "File" → "Wizard" -> "Web Document Convertor" to bring up a dialog box and select the conversion type, document type, character encoding, input files location, output files location and then press <OK>, the Wizard will do the rest of the job.

NextOffice Plus consists of:

  • CD of NextOffice Professional edition for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • (with licensed 20 Arphic Chinese Truetype fonts)
  • Open Database Collection CD
  • Mastering NextOffice CD
  • NextOffice User Guide

System Requirements:

  • Intel Pentinum III 700 or above or equivalent powerful AMD processor
  • Windows 2000 / 2003/ Xp
  • 256MB RAM or more
  • 2GB Hard Disk Space or more
  • CD-ROM Drive

Version Protection
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After-sales Services:
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