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The versatile NextOffice 9.2 Professional Edition

The newly released NextOffice with ample features and functions is suitable for both home users and SME companies. NextOffice has been awarded by HP, NEC and Samsung for their PC and Notebook bundles. The most popular PC magazine in Hong Kong, after testing the software, rates NextOffice the best office-suite that is regarding compatibility to MS Office.

Retail Price: HK$498

NextOffice USB Edition designed for USB Flash Drive

NextOffice USB Edition is specially designed for USB Flash drive and so only runs on USB Flash drive. After installed the NextOffice into the drive, you can then carry, with plug-and-play capability, your documents and email anywhere, without the need of relying whether any office-suite is in the Notebook or PC.〈NextOffice USB Edition is not included USB Flash Drive〉

Retail Price: HK$498


NextOffice Plus - specially designed for SMEs

NextOffice Plus, other than containing the NextOffice 9 Professional Edition, also includes Mastering NextOffice, Next IntelliForm andWizard for Conversion web pages between Chinese Traditional & Simplified, allowing SME the ease in administration, the convenience in training, and the productivity in handling invoices, A/R and A/P.

Retail Price: HK$980

NextPDF v3 + Form Filler

"NextPDF v3 + Form Filler" allows you to convert documents to PDF (Portable Document Format) via “Print to PDF” function as long as your software application can generate 'Print' output. Newly released Form Filler. You can easily fill in a PDF form and save the form with the filled in data. NextPDF Professional Edition comes with user switchable Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional and English User Interface.

Retail Price: HK$398

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